Fennes Wedding Venue in Braintree

A couple of weeks ago I went to an Open Day for Fennes in Braintree. A colleague had recommended it to me as he had got married there and after a quick peek at the website I decided it was well worth a look.

Fennes, Braintree

Fennes in Braintree

I was impressed when I arrived. The house really is beautiful and as we walked into the house we could hear the harpist playing which really set the atmosphere. It sounded so magical I decided there and then that I needed a harpist at my wedding. I later discovered that the harpist playing at Fennes that day was Maria Beattie so I’ve sent her an e-mail to request a price.

The downstairs of the house is mostly reception rooms (and the Drawing Room which is where ceremonies are held) and upstairs is where the bride gets changed and where guests stay after the wedding.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room where you can get married

The bedrooms upstairs were beautifully decorated, each had a gorgeous four-poster bed and en-suite. If I hadn’t known the bride and groom get their own bridal cottage (more on that later!) I would have assumed the bridal room was inside the house.

One of the bedrooms at Fennes. They are all decorated to a very high standard.

After the ceremony the bride and groom can stay in the bridal cottage which is stunning, and set away from the house so you’ve got some privacy.

The bridal cottage

The bridal cottage

Fennes appears to be very good value for money, everything you could need is included in the package. On the Open Day staff there seemed very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions. For larger weddings there are not one but two marquees and two dance floors at Fennes, so plenty of space if you had a lot of guests.

The downsides? Well firstly that I couldn’t have the ceremony in the beautiful Drawing Room as that only holds 35 people. So that means I would have to have the ceremony either outside (bit dangerous in May?) or in the marquee (not keen on that at all). Another albeit smaller downside is that you get kicked out the morning after at 9.30am. I thought that seemed a bit harsh, why not 10am? My final reservation about the place is that it seems a bit of a wedding factory. That’s probably unfair to say given it is only used for weddings but I did get that feeling a bit.

So, in summary, Fennes is definitely on my maybe list but I’ve got a fair few more to look at before I make up my mind!

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