Wedding rings part deux…

I’m going to skim very quickly over the fact I haven’t posted for some time, and instead talk to you about wedding rings. Specifically, my wedding ring.

As you know, the setting of my engagement ring is rather unusual:

Marquise diamond solitaire engagement ring

My engagement ring

Since my last post about wedding rings I’ve been doing some serious research.

The bog-standard, reasonably priced ‘solution’ to my wedding ring dilemma can be supplied to me by Mad About Diamonds where my lovely fiancé got my engagement ring from:

The shaped wedding ring designed to fit my engagement ring

I can highly recommend Mad About Diamonds actually, not only do they offer excellent value for money but I’m told by my fiancé that their customer service is excellent too.

Okay, so that’s the tidy, easy and relatively cheap solution. If I were less picky and less jewellery-obsessed, my post would end here…

Why don’t I like the shaped ring? I want a ring I can wear on its own if I want to, I don’t just want a band of shaped metal for the sake of it. Fussy, yes I am.

I’m a great lover of Etsy and in my state of anxiety I contacted a seller in the US, Laurie Sarah Designs, to see what they could suggest, if anything. I have to say, they’ve been absolutely amazing. In short, they’ve offered to create me a bespoke 18ct white gold wishbone ring (that fits exactly under my engagement ring), from scratch, for around £800. That includes engraving too, and their engraving is the best I’ve seen:

Engraved wedding ring by Laurie Sarah Designs

I would really love to use Laurie Sarah Designs as they’ve been amazingly patient with me, but there are logistical issues as they are based in the US. Firstly, they’ll need my engagement ring to ensure the wishbone sits as it should with it. I don’t want to post it over there so I’d probably try and make a cast of it (by making a silicone mould first and then filling it with resin to create a fake ring). Secondly, and more importantly, I am anxious about not being able to visit them easily in person to see what they are creating and to try on casts they make etc. They might be able to post them to me, but ultimately it isn’t ideal.

At the weekend I went to Hatton Garden with my equally jewellery-obsessed bridesmaid Annika. Only two shops really stood out. The first shop I visited was Anthony Gray Ltd and they came up with the following suggestions:

Twist band with diamonds from Anthony Gray Ltd, Hatton Garden

Not bad at all. The next is a similar ring but without the diamonds and I think I like it a bit more:

Twist band from Anthony Gray Ltd, Hatton Garden

Doesn’t look bad, does it? However, the cost is what got me. Both rings from Anthony Gray Ltd cost more than Laurie Sarah Designs quoted to make me a ring from scratch.

Whilst at Anthony Gray Ltd I also tried on an Ungar and Ungar floral band. A bit pricey at over £1k but beautiful I’m sure you’ll agree:

Ungar and Ungar floral band (8wr328-dd)

Unfortunately it looked completely daft with my engagement ring, unsurprisingly. Probably just as well, given £1k was considerably more than I wanted to spend.

The Wedding Ring Shop in Hatton Garden was another promising shop. They sell bespoke rings too, and have samples you can try on displayed around the shop which makes for a very nice shopping experience. They did have a couple of engraved rings I quite liked and they told me they would create a wishbone for me with engraving on for around the £800 mark, pretty reasonable I thought. Only downside is that you have to pick from one of the designs they have (you can’t get them to recreate one you’ve seen) and I have no idea how their designs would work on a wishbone. Still, I would consider returning there if my Plan A falls through.

Okay, given all this, what the hell is my current Plan A?

There is a jewellers in Ipswich (not far from me) called Carats who make bespoke wedding rings. I e-mailed them and they quoted me for a plain 18ct gold bespoke wishbone, under £600 they tell me. They have an engraver apparently who they’d need to contact separately for a quote for engraving, and of course how much the engraving costs depends on what pattern I want… So, Plan A is to go to Ipswich and see them in person, have a chat and hopefully get a better idea of cost and feasibility. I would also be interested to hear of any other ideas they have regarding a wedding ring too.

So that’s my plan A. I will keep you posted!

P.S. I realise I sound like a complete Bridezilla here, but the truth is I worry aloud on here so that in real life I can seem composed about the wedding, honest 😉

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