Quick wedding ring update

Okay, so Plan A was to go to Carats in Ipswich to talk to them about a bespoke ring. However, my friend very recently had her engagement ring repaired there and she was really unhappy with the results (scratches, ring is wonky, fracture still visible) so I e-mailed round at work for recommendations and have been assured by several people that David White of White Designs Jewellery is  really excellent. He is also, very conveniently, literally 8 minutes away from where I live. I’ve contacted him to make a date.

So, my new and improved Plan A! I’m very excited indeed, will keep you posted!

One thought on “Quick wedding ring update

  1. Emma says:

    Hi I have the same engagement ring as yours, and didn’t want a shaped ring either however I went down that route and really like the results I can send you a pic if you reply to this message. The trouble with a normal band I feel is that it doesn’t add to your ring at all, and actually draws your eyes to the gap?! I’ve had a shaped ring with pave diamonds and feel it really compliments my ring – I didn’t want to take any glory away from my e-ring as I looove it!! x

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