Wedding rings and reality

Following on from my previous post, I can report back that I did indeed meet up with David White and we had a very exciting meeting discussing my design. I committed to him making my ring and put down a 50% deposit. The quote was very reasonable and so I’m very happy with that.


The wedding planning has gone downhill lately, hence the blog being rather quiet. Chats with my OH have revealed a less-than-rosy financial situation following our massive purchase of a new kitchen. There has been talk of postponing the wedding until 2015. This is absolutely the last thing I want, but I’m not sure we necessarily have a choice. The question is, can we pay off what we borrowed for the kitchen AND save for a wedding in 2 years?

I intend to review the financial situation early next year to see where we stand, and from that point I hope we will be able to figure out when we can get married. Certainly we’ve had to consider far cheaper options, and I did look at Westwood Park which looks amazing according to the website and is not far from where I live. They allow you to just have the ceremony at that venue which is certainly cheaper. We are considering having a lateish wedding and a meal afterwards at our favourite restaurant Mussi’s. This would be cheaper, but would still be around the £10k mark which isn’t an insubstantial amount of money to save… So we shall see…

To be continued… 😐