37 dresses and counting…

I’ve tried on over 37 dresses in over 7 different shops.

I have yet to find The One.

I haven’t even found one I can alter sufficiently to be The One. Yet.

All is not lost (although I’ll admit I was starting to get seriously depressed about it). I have found a dress I love online. It’s the one on my Pinterest board that I keep looking at and keep going back to. I know it will suit my shape. I love the style. I have e-mailed round a load of stockists to see who has it in stock… I will keep you posted. No photos, I’m afraid 😉 I will, however, show you a dress I cannot wear. I look like a deformed mermaid in it (due to my shape) and the sexy plunge is not a good look for me…

My dress. Not.

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