Wedding rings!

As you know, David White of White Designs is designing me a wedding ring to sit under my rather unusual engagement ring.


My engagement ring

After discussions here’s what he has come up with so far:

Wedding band - first draft

Wedding band – first draft

Wedding ring - second draft

Wedding ring – second draft

The ring above the e-ring is to show where an eternity band could potentially sit.

I have to confess to being less-than-enamoured with the idea of including hearts in the design but he has promised to engrave several designs (on silver rings that will be identical, shape and size-wise, to the finished ring) with and without hearts, so we shall see! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

Vince still has his heart set on a meteorite ring. David warned us that we wouldn’t be able to resize the ring and that titanium is difficult to work with.

Meteorite ring made and sold by Jewelry by Johan on Etsy

David also raised concerns regarding rust so I’ve contacted the seller to ask about¬†longevity, rust and sizing.

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